Protect Your Home From Wildfires

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The Cheapest Fire Insurance You Can Get Is Knowledge

Most homeowners have no clue as to how they can protect their home from wildfire. Nonetheless, there is a lot they can and must do before a major firestorm hits and overwhelms firefighters.

When firefighters are called upon to put out fires in the wildland/urban ignition zone throughout the US, they spend 70 percent of their time doing what property owners should have done in the first place. This site recommends practical steps the homeowner can take to provide critical protection before a fire is approaching and it is too late.

Fire insurance may pay for some of the material losses in such a fire, but it will not replace your time, anguish, treasured personal items, and pets, nor will it restore your lost community. Appropriate precautions can prevent your home from catching fire in the first place. While it doesn’t replace fire insurance, it is cheaper and more effective.

Wildfire Prevention Site Updated

We’ve made some updates to the site in preparation for the second edition of The Homeowner’s Guide to Wildfire Prevention. We were using a tool to offer readers posts related to the ones they are reading. This app had links to unwanted ads and irrelevant news. We’ve turned off …

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Wildfire Prevention is a Solvable Problem

We are seeing a “perfect storm” situation throughout the western United States and Canada with record-breaking heat, record fuel loads, record drought, and record losses to wildfires. The cost of suppressing these fires is depleting the funds budgeted for fire prevention. To make things worse, the number of firefighters available is …

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Homeowners’ Victim Mentality Not Justified

WUI Lesson 2: The homeowners’ victim mentality is not justified As the number of wildfires and their intensity skyrockets nation-wide, it has been realized that the problem is solvable with new approaches to wildfire protection that emphasize ignition resistant buildings and reduced ignition potential near structures. The homeowners’ victim mentality …

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The conditions required for ignition

Lesson 3: The conditions required for ignition to occur. The fire must be close enough for flying firebrands or flames to contact the ignitable portions of the structure and burn long enough to cause flaming ignition. We only see 1% of what is happening in a fire, as we don’t …

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Homeowners’ Guide to Wildfire Prevention

Dr. Sieben is the featured author at A Great Good Place for Books at 7 pm, June 18th, 6120 LaSalle Avenue, in the Montclair district of Oakland. He will present photographs demonstrating the recommendations made in his book, The Homeowners’ Guide to Wildfire Prevention. This is your chance to ask …

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