Protect Your Home from Wildfires

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The Cheapest Fire Insurance You Can Get Is Knowledge

Most homeowners have no clue as to how they can protect their home from wildfires. Nonetheless, there is a lot they can and must do before a major firestorm hits and overwhelms firefighters.

When firefighters are called upon to put out fires in the wildland/urban ignition zone throughout the US, they spend 70 percent of their time doing what property owners should have done in the first place. This site recommends practical steps the homeowner can take to provide critical protection before a fire is approaching and it is too late.

Fire insurance may pay for some of the material losses in such a fire, but it will not replace your time, anguish, treasured personal items, and pets, nor will it restore your lost community. Appropriate precautions can prevent your home from catching fire in the first place. While it doesn’t replace fire insurance, it is cheaper and more effective.

Most property owners own the home ignition zone; and therefore they own the fire. Inspections by fire departments are geared to minimal standards and don’t guarantee the home is safe.

The wise homeowners should take responsibility for keeping their property fire safe in the first place, and they should do so on a year round basis without being required to do so. After all, this is in their own interest and in their community’s interest.

This website highlights shows what steps you need to take to protect your home from wildfires, which occur in every state in the United States, and are rapidly increasing in frequency and extent. It is updated by frequent blogs to keep you up to date on the latest developments and science.

Be informed. Be firesafe.