Wildfire Prevention Site Updated

We’ve made some updates to the Wildfireprevention.info site in preparation for the second edition of The Homeowner’s Guide to Wildfire Prevention.

We were using a tool to offer readers posts related to the ones they are reading. This app had links to unwanted ads and irrelevant news. We’ve turned off this app, streamlining the site.  Now every link on this site will take you to more good wildfire prevention advice.

The covers of The Homeowner’s Guide to Wildfire Prevention have been replaced with the new cover for the new edition. The content within the book remains the same, but we have a new brighter, white cover. The logos of eight organizations involved in wildfire protection have been placed on the cover as a public service at no charge to the organizations, including four fire service departments, two fire-safe councils, and two homeowner’s organizations.

Although these organizations are all within the state of California, the tips provided in the book are meant to be considered by homeowners throughout the United States and Canada.

The more homeowners take the suggested steps to protect their own home, at their own expense, the safer their community will be. This will also make more firefighters from both local and distant areas available for fire suppression. As it is now, firefighters spend 70% of their time doing what property owners should have done themselves.