Wildfire Prevention Strategy Poem


The west is in flames
 It’s hotter than ever
 Trees dying in record numbers
 Smoke and ash spreading afar
 Filling the air with carbon dioxide
 Making things even worse.

Homes are burning
 Memories, lives, communities, lost
 Animals both domestic and wild burnt and dying
 Heavy metals, asbestos, PVC’s
 Poisoning the soil and air.

Firefighters are giving their all
 In 100 degree heat
 Exhausted and overwhelmed
 But what they can do has limits
 As they must decide what can be saved.

Wildfire is blowin’ in the wind
 And no one can control the wind
 Urgent evacuation may be the only answer
 Even without being ordered
 As power lines go down
 And cell phones go dead.

But what if . . .

What if there were a way
 To better protect our homes,
 Our treasures man made and God made
 Our lives and the lives of animals
 As well.

There is a way . . .

If only the property owners, the homeowners
 Stepped up to the plate
 And took responsibility for their home ignition zone
 Which they own
 And made it as fire safe as they can reasonably do.

This is much cheaper than fire insurance
 Which doesn’t begin to cover the loss of one’s home
 Or loss of time, community
 And treasured possessions.

This doesn’t require state or local funding
 Nor is it the responsibility of others
 But the homeowner hasn’t a clue what to do
 Before a wildfire threatens
 And all he can do is
 Run for his life.

If only . . .

If only homeowner’s stepped up to the plate
 And learned how to protect their homes
 From wildfire.

If only their neighbors did so too
 Denying the wildfire
 The fuel it needs
 To spread.

If only this were to happen throughout the west
 And every state of the union for that matter
 As they all experience wildfires.

If only this were to happen
 We could make a difference
 As firefighter resources could be
 Better shared and more effective
 Strategically dispersed at greater distances.

This is a solvable problem . . .

If only homeowners stepped up to the plate
 Together they could hit a home run.
Ember defense matters

Ember defense matters